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RG Gregory and Liz Reeve stopped living together in 2002.  On June 17th 2006, he married Jean Corbishley, an ex-teacher he had met first during the troubles at The Grove School, Market Drayton  (67-72) and he has now returned to live in Shropshire


enough of this trickery
this architectural magickery
you may find the gist flickery
(brave heart be not dickery)

and i'm no wizard of ozzery
(that weak-kneed old tossery
with such a reputation for bossery)
i can roll without mossery

though parts may be densery
there's much common sensery
in my creative dispensary
and i'm aware how immensery

the task here outlineried
properly dressed up and fineried
(too advanced for a minor read -
if mathed would be binaried)

ok - it's just my dreamery
an offbeat man's schemery
(another man's blasphemery)
but it's rich in its creamery

and i am - so i thinkery
(to give descartes some tinkery)
i can face without blinkery
have no need of shrinkery

what i've said here's no mystery
no feet need get blistery
this could be spiritual history
(though not approved by consistory)

fifty years here of strugglery
a careful balancing and jugglery
(i'm not asking for hagglery)
no goose me for gagglery

i'm prepared to be humblery
past-master at tumblery
there's a truth here (if bumblery)
though mixed up and jumblery

it's more than cracked crockery
can stand up to mockery
is well past sheep-flockery
of the walk could be cockery

ok it's a claim for new agery
tomorrow could be the ragery
of those the most sagery
(down with dead stagery)

why not come to the boundary
and take part in the foundery
of this new world of roundery
i promise astoundery

Greg - Photo by Brent Jones

photo by Brent Jones


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