Makeup Tips for Blonde & Light-Colored Eyebrows (2024)

Makeup Tips for Blonde & Light-Colored Eyebrows (1)

Learning how to define and fill in your eyebrows is a skill that pays off, huge. Brows define the face and anchor the focus up toward your eyes so the importance of maintaining brows cannot be overstated.

And when you have blonde, auburn, or light-colored brows, they may not be as perceptible as you’d like. There are easy steps you can take to ensure they aren’t invisible, and that you look as natural and fresh-faced as possible, no matter the makeup style you’re going for.

We’ll go over the expert tips, tools, and products you need to familiarize yourself with in the pursuit of defined brows. Additionally, we’ll spend some time on lashes because if you have pale brows, then you likely have light eyelashes—and tending to both will strike a harmonious balance that beautifully compliments your features and skin tone.

Before we get started, there are a few things you’ll want to have, for both your brows and your lashes. You may not use them all because there are a few approaches you can take and steps you can opt out of.

In just a moment we’ll talk about choosing the right color that matches your brows, but for now, here’s an overview.

For the brows:

Note: The brow pencil and brow gel should be the same color.

  • -A brow pencil
  • -A brow gel
  • - A spoolie brush, like our Eyebrow Brush
  • -A matte eyeshadow in a color that matches your brows

For your lashes:

  • -A jet black mascara
  • -Eyeliner pencil: If you are aiming for a no-makeup makeup look, go for a neutral—a black or brown; otherwise, have fun.

First, let’s pick the right color to use for defining and filling in your brows. If you’re using both an eyebrow pencil and gel, then the colors should match. (There is always the option to use a clear brow gel that you can pair with a pencil in the color of your natural brows.)

When your brows are super light, it may seem like you want to go with the lightest color available. That may be what ends up working best for you, but it’s important to consider your hair color as well, especially if you color your hair.

If you have brown hair or another similarly dark color but lighter brows (or blonde or auburn hair but darker brows, but that’s another article), then you’ll want to find a color that’s in between. Too light a hue won’t make an impact, and too dark will draw unwanted attention to the brows and dramatically contrast the difference in your hair—on top of your head and your brow—colors.

Even though your hairs may be harder to spot, tweezing and trimming your brows is a great practice to get into—if you have strays outside your natural shape. But everyone, no matter their hair color, should take care that they’re removing hairs in adequate light with a mirror that gives the clearest picture of where you should focus your efforts. This way you’re less likely to overpluck. But this is a special note of caution for our pale-haired friends.

In other words, proceed delicately because your brows may already look thin and you don’t want to contribute to that issue further.

But this will help provide a defined base for you to build on when it comes time to apply some color.

If your brows, being so fair anyway, appear almost imperceptible, you may want to encourage growth or just leave them as is. If that’s the case, hands off. Stop, or don’t start, tweezing, threading, waxing, trimming—any and all of that—and don’t touch them.

The key is patience. When you take a pause, they may look patchy and unruly, but it’s about waiting and not giving into the temptation to remove any evidence of new growth.

Once your brows have been tweezed and trimmed, brush the hairs up and over along their natural growth so they lay flat and you can better tell the shape of your arch. This will also reveal any patches that need special attention and you’ll get a better picture of your brows’ true length.

You’ll want to start with your pencil on the inside, at the side of the brow above the bridge of your nose. Hold the brow pencil straight up against your nose to locate where the natural beginning of your brow should be.

Now move the brow pencil in quick, short strokes to shape and fill in sparse spots, working from the inside out. Proceed as if you’re tracing the silhouette, gently outlining the bottom and top parts of the arch.

When you start to approach the tail (the end closest to your temple), hold the brow pencil at an angle against your nose to figure out where the hairs should naturally end. From here, slightly pencil in some color to gently extend the length of your brow.

Short, light strokes are important so you don’t overdo the color and accidentally look cartoonish. You can always go back in and add more—but a brow gel, which we’ll get to right below, can help with that too.

Worried it looks too dark now? Use the spoolie end of The Eyebrow Brush to evenly distribute the color.

If you prefer, you can use a powder shadow in the color of your brows—just opt for matte, not a shimmer—but that’s ultimately a matter of preference and comfort. Use the flat, angled end of The Eyebrow Brush to apply, and comb through with the spoolie end.

Makeup Tips for Blonde & Light-Colored Eyebrows (2)

A brow gel, like ours, adds even more definition and color, smoothing out unruly hairs, too. This last step adds fullness for a powerful brow that suits anyone.

Sweep on the color—or go with clear if you simply want to square off the shape and tame—starting at the inside, working your way out.

For a dramatic, ultra-strong brow, add more than one coat.

Yes, this is an article focused on brows, but if you don’t spend time on your lashes, the light hairs may appear even fainter in comparison to a pronounced brow.

With that in mind, let’s talk a bit about how to make sure your look is balanced.


If your lashes are light, they may also look thinner than they actually are. When paired with mascara, eyeliner can help fake fullness and make your eyes look alert. Press an eyeliner pencil (like ours, The Best Pencil) as close to the lash line as possible and move in slow, slight strokes to apply color.


Even if you skip eyeliner, mascara is a must. (It’s always a must.) We recommend a black mascara, yes, even for the most fair-toned—it’s not too much or too dark. An inky hue truly compliments everyone.

Make sure you’re wiggling the mascara as close to the lash line as possible though. This ensures there aren’t any gaps, with your natural lash color showing, between the lid and your mascara-coated lashes.

Blonde hair, red hair, light hair—spending time on your brows (and lashes) will make a world of difference in your everyday look.

This is a skill that doesn’t take long to master; you just need the tools of your choice and to take care that you don’t over-maintain. (Read: Less tweezing is the best rule of thumb, more or less.)

Makeup Tips for Blonde & Light-Colored Eyebrows (2024)
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