Erica Mena Bio, Age, Reality star, Net Worth, Nationality, Height (2024)

Erica Mena Biography

Erica Mena is a well-known reality star who rose to fame after appearing on Love & Hip Hop: New York. She is also a television personality and a former model and video vixen. Mena rose to prominence as a model and “video vixen” after appearing in music videos for artists such as Chris Brown, Fabolous, Akon, and Fat Joe.

How old is Erica Mena?- Age

How old is Mena? She is 34 years old as of 2021. She was born Erica Jasmin Mena on November 8, 1987, in Newburgh, New York, the United States of America.

Erica Mena Height

Erica stands at a height of 5’9″ (175 cm).

What country is Erica Mena from? – Nationality

She belongs to a mixed ethnicity/heritage. Mena was born and raised in Newburgh, New York, the United States. She holds American nationality and citizenship by birth.

Erica Mena Family – Parents

Erica was born and raised in the Bronx of New York City by her parents and older sister. Her parents are Dominican and Puerto Rican. Her father was a drug dealer, which exacerbated the family’s problems. Her mother was forced to sell drugs, which landed her in prison, where Erica was born. When Erica was five years old, her father began abusing her until her mother was released from prison.

Erica Mena Husband- Married

Erica has had a number of affairs. She met and fell in love with American actor and rapper Bow Wow on the hip hop and R&B music video show 106 & Park before miscarrying. She has also been linked to Shad Moss and Rich Dollaz, both actors. Erica has a son, King, with rapper Raul Conde, but the couple divorced again, and she decided to raise the child alone. Following that, she was in a relationship with Hip Hop Season 4 co-star Cyn Santana, which ended before they could exchange vows. In 2018, Erica Mena married Safaree Samuels. They married in 2019 and had their first child, Safire, together. The couple announced in May 2021 that she is expecting her third child.

Erica Mena Bio, Age, Reality star, Net Worth, Nationality, Height (1)

reality star -Career

Erica Mena began working before finishing high school; she was unable to complete her formal diploma due to family problems. Her greatest teacher, however, has been experienced, and she has had the honor of addressing the graduates of the Unity Centre of Urban Technology. Erica’s career took off after she won MTV’s Jenifer Lopez Look-Alike contest. She was cast in her first music video, Can’t Stop-Won’t Stop, by Young Gunz after winning the contest. Erica was featured as an innocent model being seduced by Chris Brown in his popular video for the song Yo! when she was a budding video vixen (Excuse Me, Miss).

Another of her most notable vixen roles was in Emily B.’s music video Fabulous Breath. She appeared in music videos for well-known artists such as Fat, Joe, Akon, and Rich Dollaz. Besides music videos, she appeared in a couple of episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami during her early years. She got her first taste of reality television here and realized she had the potential to make a name for herself. Fans also got to see her fiery personality for the first time at this event. She has appeared in MAXIM KING Magazine, The Source, and XXL Magazine, to name a few. She also appeared in Tommy Hilfiger’s print media campaign and endorsed him.

Erica had always wanted to be a designer, so she collaborated with Randa Quraan of Socially Loud for a while before launching HER, her own clothing line. In fact, she wore clothes from her own ‘Spring – Summer’ collection on the fifth season of Love and Hip Hop in 2015. Underneath it All, her autobiography, was released in April 2013, revealing her dark family secrets. Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette, her second book, is about her love life.

Erica Mena’s Net Worth

Cronk has an estimated net worth ranging from $1 million – $5 million.

Erica Mena TV Shows

  • 2022 The Stepmother
  • 2021 Love & Hip Hop: Secrets Unlocked
  • 2018, 2020–present Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
  • 2017 Wild ‘n Out
  • 2017 Master of None
  • 2017 Bad Girls Club: East Meets West
  • 2017 Scared Famous
  • 2016–2017 Bad Girls Club
  • 2014 106 & Park
  • 2014 CSI: Cyber
  • 2013 The Show with Vinny
  • 2013 The Trisha Goddard Show
  • 2013 Black Ink Crew: New York
  • 2011–2015, 2019–20 Love & Hip Hop: New York
  • 2009–2010 Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami
  • 2005 “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)”
Erica Mena Bio, Age, Reality star, Net Worth, Nationality, Height (2024)
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