Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (2024)

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Spend $3K & Earn $300 Cash Back

Spend $3K & Earn $300 Cash Back

Earn $300 cash back when you spend $3K in the first 90 days with a cashRewards card. Plus, get a one-time $98 Walmart+ statement credit.

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Do You Prequalify?

If you're already a member, you can find out if you prequalify for a credit card before you submit an application. This won't affect your credit score.

Prequalify Me for a credit card

Included With All Navy Federal Credit Cards

  • 24/7 help from our U.S.-based member service team
  • Zero Liability policy for unauthorized transactions
  • No balance transfer or foreign transaction fees1
  • Fraud notifications*
  • Ability to freeze and unfreeze your card
  • Access to your credit score
  • An average credit card APR that’s 6.81% lower than the industry average2

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We're a Top 10 Credit Card Issuer in the U.S.3

See What Our Members Have to Say

“Navy Federal has been our choice for over 30 years. Hard to believe they can get any better, but they do.”4

-Navy Federal Member Dennis

How Do Our Cards Stack Up?

See how we performed in J.D. Power’s 2022 Credit Card Satisfaction Survey.

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Making Members a Priority

We ranked #1 for customer experience among credit card issuers in Forrester’s 2022 U.S. CX Index™ Survey.5

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Business Credit Cards

Our business credit cards offer rewards as well as single or joint accounts, and none of them carry an annual fee.

Learn More about our business credit cards

Cardholder Resources

  • Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (17)

    Redeem Credit Card Rewards

    Get the most out of your credit card. Redeem your rewards now.

    Learn Moreabout Redeem Credit Card Rewards

  • Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (18)

    Member Deals

    Use your credit card to shop our online Member Deals. You'll get higher rewards just for purchasing through Member Deals, free shipping from certain retailers, exclusive offers and other perks.

    Learn Moreabout Member Deals

  • Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (19)

    Get Your Credit Score

    Stay on top of your credit. Sign in to your Navy Federal account to easily view your credit score.

    Learn Moreabout Get Your Credit Score

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Credit Card Learning Center

  • Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (20)

    How to Apply for a Credit Card

    Demystify the application process. Learn how to apply, how long the process takes and what the impact will be on your credit.

    Learn Moreabout How to Apply for a Credit Card

  • Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (21)

    How Credit Cards Work

    Credit cards are valuable tools to establish and build credit. Learn how they work and how to use them responsibly.

    Learn Moreabout How Credit Cards Work

  • Credit Scores & Reports

    Visit MakingCents to learn what affects your credit score and how you can build a strong credit history.

  • Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (22)

    How to Do a Balance Transfer

    Learn how you can move your current credit card balance to a Navy Federal card to consolidate debt and potentially lower payments.

    Learn Moreabout How to Do a Balance Transfer

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Still have questions? Visit our Credit Card FAQs.

Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (23)

Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (24)

Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (25)


As of 07/09/2024, nRewards® Secured card rate is 18.00% APR and will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. All other Navy Federal Credit Card rates range from 11.24% APR to 18.00% APR, are based on product type and creditworthiness, and will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. ATM cash advance fees: None if performed at a Navy Federal branch or ATM. Otherwise, $0.50 per domestic transaction or $1.00 per foreign transaction. $49 annual fee for Visa Signature® Flagship Rewards.


Credit card value claim based on an internal analysis of Navy Federal’s average credit card APR assigned to members compared to the bank industry average credit card APR in 2023. The 2023 bank industry average data was obtained from the Federal Reserve’s G.19 Consumer Credit data release.


Claim based on the Nilson Report published February 2021, which ranks card issuers on balances outstanding as of year-end 2020.


The views expressed in the reviews are solely those of the individuals posting them. The testimonials are substantively the words of the individual reviewer, but may have undergone minor clerical revisions to ensure readability, add context, or protect private information. Any imagery displayed is for decorative purposes only and is not necessarily associated with the reviewer.


CX Elite brands are ranked among the top 5% of the 221 Brands covered in Forrester's proprietary 2023 CX Index™ survey. The ranking was based on responses from 165,545 survey responses for the market. The proprietary survey results are based on consumers' opinions of the experiences with the brands in the survey. Forrester Research does not endorse any company included in any CX Index™ report and does not advise any person to select the products or services of any particular company based on the ratings included in such reports.

The Navy Federal More Rewards American Express® Card is issued and administered by Navy Federal Credit Union. American Express is a federally registered service mark of American Express and is used by the issuer pursuant to a license.

Credit Cards | Military Credit Cards (2024)
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