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towards a cathedral of ohs


Browsing through this web-site will have shown you:
1 - I have written considerably for over half a century in a wide range of genres
2 - I have had relatively little published

However, my work is available in a number of forms:

Glimpses of Dorset (Wanda Publications 1996) Poems £5
The Ansty Experience (Wanda) Long poem £2
Robin Goodfellow Plays - Summer One - Autumn - Winter - Spring - Summer Two £1 each
(£4 a set)
Thin Poetry Booklets:  
But Then - (collection)  
  Adventure (handwritten text/illustrated)  
  New Age (handwritten text/illustrated)  
  Loud Hosannas…(handwritten text/Illustrated)

£1 each
(£3.50 a set)

(sample pages of last three found in these web-pages)

Ten Chapbooks - (Wanda) - short stories/poems.polemics
(details available through post or e-mail - addresses above)

£2 each
Photo-copies of all other texts mentioned available
(details of cost available through post or e-mail - addresses above)
Photo-copied text of Towards a Cathedral of OHS (without coloured illustrations) £12

CD-Roms or dowloaded texts of the following available through www.nospine.com: or directly to:

Zodiac Stories, Snapshot for Victor Sugar, Imperfect Eden, The World of Instant Theatre, The Quest Plays (The Monster, The City, And the Grot, The Wilderness, Flute Below) Potpourri for Christmas, Enigmas and Occasions, A Tipple of Shorts, The Teacher Trap, The Station of Oi, Thirteeners.
(References to most of these books appear in the text. NoSpine carries a fuller description of each)
(Prices vary between £2 and £4 - plus postage for CD Roms)

Further information about any aspect of my writing available from the above addresses, or by phone.

Cheques should be made out to: RG Gregory
Postage, where appropriate, add 15%


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