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2  Other websites and addresses worth noting:

for extracts from RG Gregory's long poem IMPERFECT EDEN, written in rhyme-royal and examining the author's relationship with his father and life in Southampton in the 1930s. :

Site outlining Word And Action's philosophy and practice, with information about future work and booking-availability. Also approachable by e-mail:

Michael Berman's site for the publication of traditional and contemporary stories from all over the world. He also runs The Golem Press: e-mail address:

Bookseeker Agency: introducing writers and publishers to each other. Literary Agency (fiction and poetry) based in Perth, East Scotland.

New Hope International Review OnLine
Reviews of magazines, books, audio material, software, videos and artefacts,including email/website links to authors and publishers.

Gerald England
Home page of Gerald England, with links to his poetry, articles and photography on the Internet


Sue Hall
has run drama groups and travelled extensively on theatre tours, in this country and abroad. Blending these experiences with her love of traditional tales Sue created "Active Stories" (stories told with audience participation and enacted in the round)

George Matthews
Runs a site given to Geotherapy and Education.  He worked for many years as a teacher in Africa
and the Near East, and developed his own version of The English Block. 

The home page of Sam Smith; and of the poetry press, Original Plus, and The Journal. -

The poetry page of Jacobyte Books, editor Sam Smith. Based in Australia

Dimitris Lyacos
Poet, playwright, born in 1966 in Athens, Greece.  His work has been performed around Europe in a number of major cities. He has conducted various workshops/creative writing sessions. His works have been translated and published in English, German and Italian.

Brent Jones:
Photographer, responsible for photos on this site and also for covers of SOUTH Poetry Magazine. He runs his own business.
Free online guide to modern playwrights and theatre plays


YoYo search:
A web portal with ten types of search

A site dedicated to famous and contemporary poets

A considerable number of poems by RG Gregory can be found on this site, along with a biographical note and further quotes from his poems. This site is worth visiting for its self,  with its widespread collection of poems from past and present established poets, as well as from a growing number of contemporary ones.

a new site featuring the poems of Tony Turner, a frequent contributor to SOUTH; of consistent high quality.

another online poetry site, interested in poetry from any source.

a way of going on from this website, with an added chance to be polemical!

featuring my youngest son's year's visit to Malawi.

A business directory

Arts Directory

Great Works is a site for innovative writing: modernist, postmodernist, archaic. It proclaims the need to let a thousand flowers bloom, and rejects any single definition of what writing is. It welcomes alternative poetries and other writing. It proudly offers no retrieval of coherence at a higher interpretative level.

Books4publishing is the perfect showcase for new authors. A place where, as yet, un-published books are exhibited and promoted to publishers.

Revolutionary new global website,! All writers, whether previously published or not are provided with a shop window to attract both Publishers and Readers, not forgetting Literary Agents, TV Production Companies and Theatres.

The Playwrights' Publishing Company is a small, UK, family business established in 1990, run by a playwright for playwrights. Having received scripts from around the world, we choose the best to publish first on the internet and later, if they prove popular; in hard copy.


LIZ REEVE, who was a member of WORD AND ACTION
  for twenty five years, is now a freelance community arts
worker in Dorset (but able to travel as far afield as required).
Her work has grown out of the philosophy and practices of
  WORD AND ACTION, but she has developed her work
strongly in collaboration with practitioners of the non-
verbal arts and has established a reputation for enabling a
wide range of deprived, dispossessed and disabilitied
groups to release their own creative talents in an
astonishingly fertile way.
Much of her work is still done through the auspices of
  Word And Action.
She can be contacted (and is available for bookings)

by e-mail:


Several of the illustrations in this text have been done by my ex-wife PAT GREGORY (of BOURNEMOUTH) and my daughter PAT GREGORY (of CARDIFF). Contact with them can be established first through:


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